HOA Assessments

Dear Members,

     Owners, please take a moment to log into your resident portal (ciranet.com/residentportal) and verify that your account is in good standing. As it stands right now, there are approximately 26% of the homes in Sundance that are late on their assessments.

     The assessments allow us to maintain the community common areas (landscaping and maintenance), have community events (spring fling for example) and keep the lights on in the neighborhood…literally, we pay for the electricity used by the street lights. It becomes difficult to maintain to the standards expected when that many homes have failed to pay. I understand that many people have consternation when it comes to paying dues…you can be upset about it all you want, that is your right, but you agreed to the terms, including fees, when you signed to purchase your homes. Continued failure to pay puts you at risk of foreclosure as the funds generated by homeowner dues are accounted for in the annual operating budget of the community.

     All homeowners have access to that budget so there should be no surprises. It is especially critical to maintain our community in such a manner as to ensure that our home values remain/increase, particularly with all the new communities going in nearby. While you may not be considering selling your home right now, that time may come and I assume you all would want to be able to get top dollar.

     The overall goal of the HOA here at Sundance is to ensure property value retention/increase and provide for a quality of life equal to or greater than that when you purchased your home. There are continual costs incurred in that endeavor. Please help us help you by meeting your legal financial obligation to the community. Many of you may not even be aware that you are overdue payments…log in and check on it.


     As a reminder, our HOA assessments are due in July and January.
If you have particular concerns about costs, expenditures etc, please come out to one of the quarterly board meetings or open forums.


If you have additional questions please contact RealManage at the contact information below.


Real Manage:

  • 1-866-4RealService  (1-866-473-2573)
  • 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • SUNSANA@ciramail.com
  • www.realmanage.com