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Can you please guide me to where I can read the restriction's and or rules on having parties at my residences. (Example: music, noise, parking, limit to how many people, etc. HOA guidelines)

All homeowners have access to their DCCRs via the Resident Portal.  Go to www.ciranet.com.  At the bottom is a link that reads, "Resident Portal."

You will need your user name and password to log in.  Once logged in, you will see a list of all items that a member has access to.  About mid way down the list, there is a link called "Restriction Summary."  That link will lead you to all your DCCR (rules and regulations).

I see that the gym is now open but my pool/gym key s not working. Are we going to be issued a new one, and if so when?

You will need to acquire a new access card for the amenities. Cards are available from RealManage for a fee of $50. Replacement cards or extra cards are an additional $50 fee.

How are monthly Board of Directors meetings scheduled?

The monthly meetings of the Board of Directors is scheduled at the convenience of the in order to conduct business for the association.  This is outlined in Article V 5.08 of the Association By-Laws.

What do my dues pay for?

This is by far the most common question asked to the HOA.  First, Take a look at the financial statements which are available in your online resident portal. Next, take a look at the meeting minutes which are also available in your secure online resident portal.  The Board of Directors meets each month to discuss association business and you are encourage to attend. Attending meeting can allows residents to hear what current business and issues the BOD is working on. Open Forums are held quarter each quarter and are opportunities for members to ask questions and get answers.  All the dates can be found on the official association calendar.

When does the swimming pool open and close?

The swimming pool hours of operation are found on our community resources page of our website and posted on the pool entrance gate. They can vary from year to year so check back often.



When are the Board of Directors Meetings?

Board of Directors Meetings are held monthly at the clubhouse in the evenings.  Specific dates can be found by checking the online calendar.

I have a problem with my bill from HOA, who do I contact?

RealManage is our property management company.  They can be reached at the contact information below.




7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.




What do I do if I want to make improvements to my yard or need to build something?

This will require an ACC approval.  The Architectural Control Committee has a form that can be downloaded from our website or the Homeowner Portal.  There is no fee.

Who do I contact to rent the clubhouse?

RealManage handles the scheduling of the clubhouse. Contact phone numbers can be found on our website CLICK HERE


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