Sundance Board Meeting and Other Happenings This Week!


Action Committee 

This committee is the driving force for all the fun events Sundance has to offer! To make each event better than the last, volunteers are not only welcomed but very much needed. Quite a bit of planning is required and for that, they will be meeting the 2nd Tuesday of each month unless otherwise mentioned. This Tuesday’s meeting will be held at the clubhouse located at 1103 Sundance Fall at 6pm. If you are interested in volunteering but are unable to attend, please respond to this email.

Board Meeting 

The Board of Directors will be meeting Wednesday, June 13th at 6:30pm to discuss community matters/projects. The meeting will be held at the clubhouse as well. Members are welcome to attend as this is a great opportunity to meet both new and familiar faces of the Board and Officers of Sundance!

Non-Father’s/Father’s Day Celebration 

In honor of all the father’s and non-fathers, Sundance will be hosting “A Call To Men Event”, on the 16th of June beginning at 6pm at the amenity center. Come on out and join in the unity over snacks as they will be provided at the amenity center. Bring Your Own Beverages! May you have an enjoyable evening with your neighbors!